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Introducing Gold & dark Burt, the first designer helmet holder.
100% made in France, Burt is entirely handmade, in earthenware in our workshop in Marseille. 

This helmet rack is made using  deep iridescent green enamelled earthenware covered with gold leaves on the chest and then varnished for an unalterable decoration.
100% made in France, it has a recess at the top of the head for storing personal belongings such as keys.
The back of the piece consists of a stainless steel plate fixed on the earthenware, on which is glued a French made felt.

Each Burt is a timeless and unique sculptural piece. A true guardian angel for your interior, perfectly adapting to different atmospheres and settings, whilst proudly presenting your helmet. The name ‘Burt’ is a tribute to the New Zealander Burt Munro, a motorcycle legend and world speed record breaker. Our busts illustrate this idea of speed and striving to surpass our personal goals.

Compatible with all types of helmets and available in different styles and colours, each bust comes with a wall bracket and is numbered to help identify your unique piece of art.
Your helmet will now have it’s own dedicated space in your interior.

The fixing is performed by using 2 screws (a drilling template will be provided)
Width 40 cm / Height 36.5 cm / Depth 28 cm
Each piece is signed by Francollection and numbered to guarantee its authenticity. 

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