Our motorcycle helmet holders: Burt

The Burt motorcycle helmet holder is a ceramic wall-mounted helmet rack. This helmet holder is a handmade sculpture. It has the shape of a bust that you can hang on the wall of your living room as well as in your entrance to highlight your helmet. It also has a hollow head which allows you to place small objects such as your motorcycle keys.

Our philosophy

The objective of Francollection is to create timeless, functional and expressive objects. Exploiting the link between art and design, our creations are a mixture of creativity and innovation which meets the needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

Far from mass industrial production which use polluting materials and methods, Francollection releases one unique collection per year, always 100% hand made in France. The use of traditional artisan methods, sustainable and high quality materials remains a priority during the design and production of our creations. This is achieved by collaborating with local professionals in the South of France who are passionate artisans dedicated to quality.

Design helmet rack

Passionate about motorcycles, sculptor-designer Pierre Franco first designed this helmet holder for personal use, calling on the experience of his artistic and professional career. After studying at the Boulle school, Franco began his career as a designer at Chanel.

Here he has designed this wall sculpture with a refined pure and enigmatic design, like a graceful silhouette rising from the wall. For those of us who aren’t motorcycle fans, Burt is also a sculptural bust. Each helmet holder is a unique piece of art.

Local know-how

Marseille is a land of artistic craftsmanship.  Francollection strives to preserve these traditional skills, from the mastery of glazed earthenware to handmade decorations in pure ivory, gold, silver or copper leaf versions. Choosing earthenware, a noble and fragile material, for a helmet holder is not insignificant. The finesse of the enamel subtly emphasizes the need to protect the living.

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